What I Will Miss Most
Haylee, Milan, Spring 2017
May 16, 2017

It’s official. I am leaving Milan in exactly fifteen days. Being in Milan has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities, given me lifelong friends, and changed me for the best. I am more than excited to get back and share my experience with family and friends, but there are a few things I will miss once I get back to the states.

Sailing from island to island in the beautiful Santorini, Greece.

The first thing I will miss is my classes and my professors. My classes have been filled with projects that are both interesting and challenging. They are very detailed-based and are extremely helpful in teaching me about my future career. I will also miss my professors. Although it took some time to get used to their teaching style, I greatly appreciate them and all that they have taught me.

Hannah and I conquer our twelfth trip together at the Borromeo Islands.

The second thing I will miss is the friends that I have made while I’ve been abroad. Once I leave Milan, I will not only be states away from my friends, but also countries away. From traveling on the weekends, having every class together, family dinners, watching movies while eating popcorn and hostess cupcakes, staying up for hours laughing at YouTube videos, and of course discussing our boy crushes, I can now say I have best friends all over the country.

Highly recommend exploring Greece on an ATV.

The third thing I will miss is the ability to travel every weekend to a different country. When I arrived in Milan, within days the girls and I were planning our first trip and within a week we had planned a trip for nearly every weekend that we were here. Considering how young I am, I’m more than grateful to have been given the opportunity to see so much of the world already. Although I will be returning to the states, there is no question that I will be returning to Europe and maybe even other continents as well.

After a long day in Amsterdam, it was nice to kick back and enjoy this amazing sunset along the canal.

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss more than just these three things, but for now they are at the top of the list. I never thought 118 days would go by so fast, but it’s now time to pack my bags and not say goodbye but see you later to my professors, friends, and to all the beautiful places I have seen.

From land to sea, these girls will always be with me.

– Haylee was a spring 2017 SAI Milan student from Missouri State University.

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