Calçotada in Barcelona

SAI Barcelona Office

  If you´ve ever been to Catalunya between January and March you will have heard of the famous Calçotada…or maybe not. La calçotada comes from the word calçot which is a type of green onion which is much milder than your typical onion and a calçotada is a meal in which you eat these onions usually in a rural setting.

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Beach, please!

A guide to Barcelona's beaches

Beach, please! Barcelona, a city of amazing monuments, great tapas food and…beautiful beaches! The city of Gaudi is famous for its long, sandy shores. Its beaches have always attracted many visitors every year (well, at least pre-covid times) and has been a nice getaway those past few months for all the people living in Barcelona as it is a great place to chill and enjoy the Summer holiday feeling unique to our city.

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Barcelona Recommendations

Street Markets With Live Music (Cultural Events): Monumental Club

Check out SAI Barcelona’s new reporter’s introduction to his blog and his first recommendation: Street Markets With Live Music.   The Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona, more commonly known as La Monumental is a fascinating bullfighting ring located in the Eixample district. Having a capacity of 19,582 this venue has been graced with concerts from the revolutionary Beatles and the legendary Rolling Stones.

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Weekend Excursion to Seville: A City Full of History and Folklore

Leticia, SAI Barcelona

We caught up with SAI Barcelona Program Coordinator Leticia, who is contributing to our blog this month. Leticia recounts her weekend student excursion to the sunny, southern town of Seville.   I have lived in Andalusia for a few years and I have explored Spain’s southern region several times.

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Sant Jordi: The Dragon, the Book and the Rose

Sandrine, SAI Barcelona

In honor of next month’s Sant Jordi holiday on April 23, our SAI Barcelona Program Coordinator Sandrine has provided a brief history of this special holiday. Also, our SAI Barcelona students will have the honor of celebrating this unique day with a memorable dinner and book exchange!

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The Fascinating Coffee World in Spain

Mireia, SAI Barcelona Program Coordinator

Looking for an immersion into local life in Spain… order and enjoy a nice coffee! How important is it to know how to order a coffee in Spain? What does coffee mean in Spanish Culture? Actually it means much more than I even thought! It means everything: a good start of the day, a warm and homey smell, a pleasure for mindfulness and the most important… a perfect way of socializing!

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Top 20 Things to do in Barcelona

Mireia Garmendia is a native Spaniard and SAI is lucky to call her the SAI Barcelona Program Coordinator! Below are her top 20 things do in Barcelona – from a local’s perspective! Sagrada Familia: world famous Modernist Architect Gaudí’s masterpiece. Magic Fountain Show at Montjuïc: large and spectacularly colorful fountain performance with music, built in 1929.

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