My Fashion Photoshoot Vlog #2
Shemaia, Milan, Summer 2017
August 2, 2017

Hi guys, Shemaia again! Fashion Image & Styling II at NABA in Milan was the second class I took abroad. My class project was to style looks that featured design as well as creating a micro Instagram video (which is featured at the end of the vlog). My group and I used geometric shapes and graffiti art as our inspiration. We also thought that making our images black and white would help make the design of each outfit pop. Like Fashion Image & Styling I, we created the looks and concepts, collaborated with a photographer, live model, and makeup artist to bring it all to life. I loved having the opportunity to direct and style a photoshoot for a second time! My favorite part was creating the micro Instagram video. This was the part of the project that I did entirely on my own so it was that much more rewarding to see it come out great and receive good feedback from my instructor and the photographer.

See here for¬†Shemaia’s other photoshoot vlog.

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